The European People’s Party of Moldova (PPEM) will insist on the dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca and will use all the legal methods available in this regard, PPEM councilor Victor Lutenco said in the talk show “Pahomi” on Realitatea TV channel, IPN reports.

“We will try to dismiss him by the vote of the Chisinau Municipal Council, though it is highly improbable that we will succeed because one more vote is needed. The Democratic councilor will most probably not vote for the mayor’s dismissal because the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party formed an alliance. But we will not stop here. We can also hold a referendum,” said the councilor.

Victor Lutenco also said that Dorin Chirtoaca is not supported by the residents of Chisinau and he managed to remain in power by making a victim of himself, invoking either the hand of Moscow or the Russian tanks. “We must focus not on how Dorin Chirtoaca looks or how he gets married, but on how he deals with the problems of the capital city,” he stated.

On June 9, the councilors of the PPEM submitted a resignation application to Dorin Chirtoaca for him to sign it, but the mayor didn’t comply. Also, the Socialist councilors protested in front of the Chisinau City Hall, demanding that Chirtoaca should resign.

Find here the talk show “Pahomi” on Realitatea TV channel.